Women are flying aircrafts, climbing highest mountains, travelling to space and running large corporations. But unfortunately, there are so many taboos associated with their bodies and period is one of them.

In Pakistan, only 21% of women have access to hygiene products. Her Ground has a mission to help women to stay healthy with convenience and well being.Starting with 3 months supply of feminine hygiene products at your doorstep with ease and at your required time.

Sadaf Naz, is the founder of Her Ground, has a degree in pharmacy with over three years experience working in Pharmaceutical company. Her Ground idea was born, when founder Sadaf Naz faced the worse experiences of buying sanitary pads over and over again. After college, she started working in a Pharmaceutical company but she kept thinking about those experiences. She did not find any of her male friend and family member encountering such issues for their life or health. This inequality really shook her, especially when she learned about more horrible experiences of shopping sanitary napkins in Pakistan from her colleague and other women. The biggest motivation to her is the size of the problem, she felt that she can touch so many lives and in a way to help her fellow women to live a healthier and more confident life. She made the website by herself, added products, wrote content and starting offering service for her friends and family.