February 13, 2018


PADMAN an Indian movie which has been banned in Pakistan recently. A lot of people are in favour of this decision because according to them this is against our Islamic culture and tradition to discuss it. Do you know 70% women suffer from urinary tract infection every year just because of unhygienic practice? We just want to know does menstruation against Islamic customs? Does woman decide at her puberty that should her menstruate or not? Then why are we thinking that this kind of movie will humiliate woman's personality? Actually, it's not a movie which humiliates a girl's character but it's your mindset which degrades her. If you consider this natural then we don't think so any woman will feel shy while buying sanitary napkins.

People stare and open up their eyes when a girl buys a sanitary napkin but we can't open our minds to accept this topic. We are not saying that you should go and ask a woman, are you menstruating or not? We are not saying that you should sympathize a woman because she is menstruating. We are saying just celebrate their health rather than to make them nervous. Don't make them uncomfortable while buying and consider their emotions. The main agenda of this movie is to reach out to a wide audience to create awareness and eradicate prevalent superstitions surrounding sanitary pads.

The guy Arunachalam Muruganantham who created this pad machine could feel that women were struggling with their menstrual hygienic practice. Then why can't you at least support the initiative when someone is trying to create awareness among people. We are not saying to limit the movie to the cinema. Actually this movie can educate lady health workers too, who can send this message to women of rural areas to educate them about menstrual hygiene.

As 79% women don't have an access and awareness to hygienic menstrual practice. This movie can help them to deal with their monthly hygienic practice. A lot of girls don't go to school as they are not aware that how to maintain a healthy menstrual practice.This is a time to break the silence and taboo in our society.

In this regard we " Her Ground " are health subscription startup that delivers the monthly supply of feminine hygiene products at a doorstep. Women can easily choose their date and time of delivery from our website. We are also providing sanitary napkins at schools and universities along with the awareness sessions to create awareness about the use of sanitary napkins to make them healthy and nourished.

The struggle you are in today is developing the strength you need for tomorrow. Great things are never done by a single person, they are done by a team of people. So, be the team to support this initiative rather than to be defeated by your inner resistance.