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Aging, the horrifying word in the women's life. Ageing that occurs as a result of outside influences, such as sun damage and smoking. Cells become structurally changed and less efficient. Every woman loves to have fresh and smooth skin. She can't bear if someone says that you are looking old, but it's a natural thing. Most of the women start losing their skin in mid or late 20's. Fine lines start to appear around the eyes and with the time skin loses its elasticity. Woman face goes through different reformations during her 20's to 60's. Today I'll tell you about different skin changes of women's face.

In 20's:
The skin starts to settle down after the hormone upheaval of the teenage years, although oil production may still be high. You may still suffer from spots in your early 20's, but it moves towards the dryness in late 20's. Dryness is a mixed blessing, on the one hand it reduces the risk of spots, acne and blackheads, but on the other hand it promotes the first fine lines around the eyes and mouth.

In 30's:
Elasticity level reduces, and your skin becomes thinner, complexion becomes dryer and women face sensitive skin issues. Age spots appear on the hands and pores become larger due to sun damage. Dark circles appear and skin becomes delicate near the eyes.


In 40's:
Lines around the eyes and mouth deepen, and wrinkles can appear on the forehead.Skin becomes dryer and loses its elasticity. Most of the women face menopause skin problem because of the declining of estrogen level.


In 50's to 60's:
In your 50's skin tone become increasingly rougher, with an increase in a number of sun spots. Wrinkles and fine lines will have settled, so the skin acquires true character. In your 60's, the jaw and eye lid may start to sag and sink. 
If your parents aged well, chances are you will too. 


Shagufta Faheem
Shagufta Faheem