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Are you confused about making a switch from sanitary pads to tampons? Tampons offer you a freedom to be confident, without worrying about leaks, but tampon usage also comes with potential problems that every girl should know about. 
So tampons are the way to go, or are they more trouble than they are worth? Here are the pros and cons of tampons which will help you to make a decision.




If you are the sort of person who feels uncomfortable at the thought of your menstrual cycle being made public, then a tampon is pretty easy: they're generally so small that you can smuggle them to the bathroom with no problem. Even the applicator ones can be quietly shoved in a pocket. 

No Wet Feelings:

You may simply not like pulling down your underwear and being faced with the reality that your uterus is shedding it's lining. That's perfectly acceptable, particularly if you're squeamish about blood or feel somehow unclean with menstrual blood present in your underwear for long periods. A tampon is a good way to prevent that sensation.

Freedom Of Movement:

You must have seen ads in which girl is jumping, having fun, and riding horses. It seems unrealistic sometimes but it's undeniable that using a tampon while you're being active has a certain advantage over using a pad. Swimming is much more fun when you can feel confident that you'll avoid leaking all over your bathing suit. Plus, tampons just offer more freedom of movement.


Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS):

Tampon use may increase the risk of TSS. TSS is caused when strep bacteria develop in the vagina and are absorbed into the bloodstream. The symptoms of TSS include fever, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, dizziness, dehydration, muscle pain, etc. In some rare cases, TSS can also prove fatal if not diagnosed at the right time. However, it is to be noted that the use of tampons does not cause TSS.

Uncomfortable Insertion:

This is of particular concern if you're using a tampon applicator. The vagina is a delicate area of the body with sensitive internal tissue, and the idea of inserting tampon can be a tricky one, particularly if you don't have much practice. Sometimes insertion can be painful, and if you put the tampon in at the wrong angle, the resulting pressure might drive you crazy.

Getting The Wrong Size:

Tampons do not come in one-size-fits-all. So figuring out what works for your particular flow and vagina can be an awkward and occasionally annoying experience. Some will fit perfectly but flood within an hour; others may look perfect but be resolutely too big. 



So, If you're looking for discretion, freedom of movement, and minimal fuss, tampons are your best bet but if you're OK with sacrificing discretion for longer wear and no frustrating insertions, pads are your friend. The bottom line is, you need to pick what works for you.

Shagufta Faheem
Shagufta Faheem