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Do you know that your unhygienic practice during menstruation can lead to severe body diseases? Have you ever heard about cervical cancer?  Ohh, you must get frightened by the word cancer, but you can be a victim of this because of your negligence.

Life threatening diseases because of unhygienic practices :

Many of the women and girls because of unawareness use the used rags, sand, ash and even plastic bags as their sanitary pads. These unsanitary habits of women can cause fungal infection, urinary tract infection, cervical cancer and also reproductive tract infection which is the major cause of infertility in women.


Myths lead to infertility :

Many of the people in villages have myths that if a girl touches a cow and baths during menstruation cycle, she will become infertile. Infect, these myths are actually responsible for their infertility because of their unhealthy practices.


The story of Safia :

Today, I'll tell you a short story about a village girl who became a victim of life threatening disease because she was not aware of using sanitary pads instead of rags and clothes. Safia, an eleven years old girl from the remote village, who was a student of grade IV. She used rags for her vaginal blood during menstruation. One day, after school, she changed her rag and after washing put it under bean tree for drying. She wanted to reuse it but she was unaware that a harmful insect settled on the rag. Without noticing the insect she used that rag next day and unfortunately that insect entered into her body through vagina. After a day she felt severe pain in stomach and admitted to hospital but couldn't survive more than a week.


Avoid to use rags :

So, use pads rather than rags, clothes, and plastics otherwise your myths, taboos, and misconceptions will lead you to life threatening diseases.  As major cause of infertility is your unhygienic and harmful practices, so try to avoid this as much as you can to have a safe and healthy life.


Sadaf Naz
Sadaf Naz