January 27, 2018


Every girl and woman spends a large part of her life dealing with menstruation. It's a normal body function that cleanses our bodies, and menstruation is exactly what makes us capable of bearing children. And yet, menstrual-shaming is quite common in Pakistan. Not only are there a number of superstitions attached to menstruation, all of which alienate and isolate women during those 3-7 days of the month but the idea that having your period makes you dirty, untouchable and a subject of ridicule is also quite rampant.

Duty As A Teacher:

Being a teacher is a position of trust, especially because those are the formative years of every child's life. They might feel awkward while asking their parents about things like sex and periods, but they always trust a fun and understanding teacher. So, the teacher should not neglect student's questions and should tackle them with appropriate answers. There should be menstrual hygiene practice sessions in schools to create awareness among students while they would reach their puberty. 




When we educate girls about their bodies and its changes, we empower them to not only take care of themselves but to also feel more confident in doing so. When we empower the youth of our communities, we are creating positive change for the future.