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Knowing how to plan your day makes a massive difference to what you achieve and how you feel about it. It’s the difference between time invested developing your roles or goals, and time wasted reacting to the distractions, disruptions and, deceptions that bombard you. The most effective productivity systems are actually quite simple when you dissect them, but we keep searching for life and productivity “hacks” because doing so ironically makes us feel productive. If you spend an entire day reading articles about productivity, like this one, you’re not actually being productive. The only way you find out if something works for YOU is to implement it and see what happens.
        If you plan the day the night before you’ll be amazed at how much your overall                                                                                                        productivity skyrockets.

If you have no clarity about what is you’re trying to get done on any given day, you’ll be busy, but probably not productive. If you plan your days the night before you, you’ll not only get more done in less time. You’ll also experience more flow.

Exercise for weight loss:
Start your day by doing some jumping jacks, push-ups, body weight squats, arm and leg swings. Doing this for 10-15 minutes will have a better effect than coffee. The other, a probably even more obvious benefit is that it allows your stiff body to work out its aches and pains.


Eat a good breakfast:
Eating shortly after you wake up has been found to have some major health benefits. Studies have shown that breakfast eaters are more likely to get their daily calcium, fiber, and fruits and vegetables in, while breakfast skippers are more likely to nibble on unhealthy snacks later in the day.


To-do list:
This list is the actual crux of your day. You need to decide which things you have to do today and which goals you want to achieve. Plan this list in a balanced way. Not make it over populated. Decide those tasks which are important to be done at that day rather than to put future assignments. 


Perform your tasks 
This time in the morning after breakfast is the high time to accomplish your goals. Perform your planned tasks until afternoon and give your best in that with full focus and dedication. Don't distract yourself until you mark checked your to-do list.


Take a nap:
Your body temperature dips mid afternoon, making you crave a little shut-eye. If your day allows for it — or if you can hide under your desk for a bit — a 15-20 minutes nap can give you an energy boost. Just don’t sleep too long, napping for more than 30 minutes can leave you groggy, not refreshed. 


Evening tea/coffee:
Taking a tea or a coffee is one's own choice so it doesn't matter what you take. Evening tea or coffee freshen up your mind after the whole day grinding. A cup of tea or coffee can release your stress and body fatigue and leave you with warmth and comfort. At this time people feel a bit hungry, so snacks along with tea or coffee can remove your appetite.


Get creative:
If you have a creative hobby, now’s a good time to practice it. Studies have found that when you’re not on your most alert and energized, your brain is less inhibited, which is good news for creative work.


Eat dinner:
Don’t delay dinner too long — eating too close to bedtime can lead to tossing and turning, thanks to increased blood sugar levels. That goes double if you’re reaching for simple carbs, since they can give you a short energy boost that makes it even tougher to get some sleep.


Take a shower:
Doubling up on showers? Prefer to suds up in the evening? A night-time shower is great for those of us who have a hard time falling asleep. Once you dry off, your body temperature will drop rapidly, making you relaxed and sleepy.


Go to sleep:
You know how important getting enough sleep is, but does it matter what time you get to bed? According to some researchers, it does, and midnight is the latest you should be going to sleep. When it comes to bedtime, between 8 p.m. and 12 a.m. your body can avoid sleep deprivation, your hormones will be in balance and your metabolism will run smoothly.


So, always try to beat the person you were the day before. Keep track of your results and work every single day to be a highly productive individual and watch the small daily victories begin to transform your life.

Shagufta Faheem
Shagufta Faheem