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Women of the world! Wondering how to survive your period while traveling? Your period on vacation can happen anywhere, any time. But traveling on your period does not mean you have to stop your journeyWhen you are traveling, especially to a faraway city or overseas, the time change will interfere with your normal internal biological clock or circadian rhythm. This is what is referred to as jet lag, and rapid air travel across various time zones can lead to a number of problems. It can cause many problems, from exhaustion, irritability, and fatigue to stomach problems and lack of appetite.

Flying On Periods:

Air pressure changes your flow. Up in the air it will be lighter. Yet, once you hit the ground, it’s going to be heavier! Can you bring tampons on a plane? Sure. But there are better ways to manage your period while flying. Use your menstrual cup or reusable menstrual pads so you can see what your body and flow is doing. To manage your heavy flow when you land, it’s a great idea to wear some period panties so you’re covered.


Camping/Hiking On Periods:

If you’re camping while on your period in the backcountry, this means you’ll have no immediate access to waste disposal. This is where I really do recommend you invest in a menstrual cup there’s no waste you’ll have to discard. Don’t feel worried about inserting and taking out the menstrual cup whilst camping or hiking on your period. Using a menstrual cup takes a little practice, but you can do it girl.


Going To Beach On Periods:

Can you swim on your period? Sure you can girl! Can you swim with a tampon and menstrual cup? Absolutely, and it is now possible to swim with a pad if you want to. Now in market we have leakproof costumes which can make you swim without any worry. So whatever your style (be it swimming with tampons, a menstrual cup or a pad), nothing is getting in your way.


I hope these tips would really help you during traveling. Traveling on your period would now hopefully feel like a breeze and you will be all prepared and ready to face the world! Go conquer the world girl!

Shagufta Faheem
Shagufta Faheem