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No one is perfect in the world, everyone has flaws. These perfections and flaws make the life balanced one. In these ups and downs, you should know how to live lively. Your liveliness can make you a happy and confident women. A poised woman not only accepts her imperfections but also applause them. She knows where her strength lies and what are her weak points. Trying to be efficient in every task is not her scope. She loves herself for what she is rather than to worry about what she is not. 
Every woman wants to be confident to express herself positively. Following are the points through which a woman can make herself bold and confident. 

Doesn't gossip:
Confident woman doesn't talk about others because she only cares about her own dreams, passion, and desires. 


Doesn't doubt herself:
A confident woman always takes her decision as thoroughly. Once she makes her decision, she sticks to it.

Doesn't follow trend:
A confident woman is not a trend follower infect she is a trend setter. She creates her own path without fearing about other. She becomes an example for others.


Doesn't suppress feelings:
An optimistic woman always expresses her thoughts in a way that people love to hear. She exposes her ideas rather than to keep to herself.


Never listens blindly:
A confident and composed woman always listens to her inner thoughts and thinks out of the box. She listens everyone but comes to the decision after her own concluded observation.


Sees failure as success:
A self assured women doesn't see failure as a defeat. She comes up with a more stronger woman after a failure. She becomes more focused and moves forward with the determination.


So, become a confident and a successful woman in every field of your life. These rules are not just for a working woman but for every woman who is struggling in her life.

Shagufta Faheem
Shagufta Faheem