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If you're not having your period every 28 days, don't panic. A lot of things can mess with your menstrual cycle. And, if you've ever wondered if weather affects your period, the answer is yes, though not in the way that you might think. From stress to travel to synching up with your besties to the changing of seasons, a lot of factors can determine when you start your period.

Drastic Weather Change:

The weather might alter your menstrual cycle if you live in a climate with drastic seasonal changes, lifestyle changes during different seasons of the year are most likely the primary factor in determining when you get your period, and how it affects you. 


Hibernative Habit:

if you instinctively hibernate during the winter months, being less active can lead to more cramps and PMS symptoms. Additionally, climate change also reportedly affects your period, which coupled with time zone changes messing with your body's internal clock, is also why your period can become irregular when you travel.


Seasonal Activities:

Seasonal activities can influence your overall vaginal health. It leads to frequent yeast vaginitis and bacterial infections. Though it's not the hot weather itself that makes you yeasty, but rather increased activity in hot and humid environments that create an attractive place for yeast to thrive.


Yes, weather does influence your menstrual cycle, but it's often a secondary factor to other things like stress, travel, and changes in diet, exercise, and sleep patterns that often coincide with changes in the seasons. You likely experience varying levels of stress and engage in different levels of activity throughout the year, especially if you live somewhere that has four distinct seasons.

Shagufta Faheem
Shagufta Faheem