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December 25, the Quaid's day for all Pakistanis and Christmas for Christians. These two events are on the same day and coincidentally somehow interlinked too. Quaid was always in favor of minorities' rights. He was undoubtedly revered and trusted by all, irrespective of citizens’ faith, belief or creed.

Christians' Support at the time of Independence:

During his struggle for the independence of Pakistan, Christian organizations and activists along with others actively supported Mr. Jinnah in his great mission even before the final phase of the freedom movement. Christians not just loved him and agreed with his thinking and ideology but also offered endless support. Leading Christians at that time also took an active part in the freedom movement including Mr. Pothan Joseph, who rendered valuable services as a journalist and propagandist for the Muslim League. After Pakistan came into being in 1947, Mr. Jinnah repeatedly promised complete equality to all the citizens.


        “You are free; you are free to go to your temples; free to go to your mosques
          or to any other places of worship in the State of Pakistan. You may belong to
      any religion or cast or creed that has Nothing to do with the business of the state”

Quaid's Vision towards Minorities:

Mr Jinnah was very clear in his vision that he did not want non-Muslims in Pakistan to suffer as the Muslim minority suffered in India. Hence, he thought that Muslim minority upon becoming majority would not forget how it feels to be a minority and would rather offer security, love and equal treatment to the other minorities dwelling in Pakistan while they are in the majority. The clear example of his vision is the flag of Pakistan in which white color along with green to show the world that this state wholeheartedly considers non-Muslim as equal and integral members of the state.


Christians' serving:

Pakistani non-Muslims and particularly Christians are serving their country and nation with total vigor and devotion beside many challenges and difficulties. Christians have also contributed immensely as educationalists, politicians, doctors, lawyers, and businessmen.


Even though today we are facing a number of challenges as a nation but we can come out of these crisis' and mishaps as a strong nation but for that, we need unity, discipline, and faith. So, let us start with this fundamental principle of citizen equality in a state, which is vital for the development and progression of any state and nation.

Shagufta Faheem
Shagufta Faheem