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You all must learn about periods through some awkward talk with your parents or some other hygienic classes. And unfortunately, many of the messages we received may have carried negativity or shame. You must have been told not to discuss this matter in public. This is a matter of shame and stigma, and because of this mindset every time someone pinpoints this topic you must feel hesitant and bit uncomfortable. You must think that there should be a way to guide the girl at the age when she is about to have periods. So, she may not feel uneasiness and embarrassment in front of others. 

Breaking The Taboo:

Samreen Shahbaz the Pakistani sexual health activist who break this taboo. She wrote a comic book on periods so every girl from her age of puberty would be able to understand this natural phenomenon. Girls at young age fascinate from colors and images rather than the abstraction so it's a great initiative to guide girls about menstruation and menstruation hygiene through comic books. To create understandable visual and graphics in comics is not an easy tasks but Samreen did it so well that every girl can relate herself to it.


Awareness Through Comics:

Samreen discussed this topic openly and tried to raise awareness among girls that you should not feel ashamed while talking about menstruation. She used easy and comprehensive language and graphics to make it easier for a girl to conceptualize the periods and also the reproductive system too. Even though their main topic is periods but they explained the reproductive system too along with that very bravely. 



Eradicate the Myths:

Myths; the very important factor related to periods. In this comic book, Samreen tried to uproot these myths from girls life that they shouldn't take bath and eat spicy foods during menstruation. These myths also lead to the unhygienic menstruation practice that causes infectious diseases. So, this important topic is also the part of this exceeding step.  


So, this comic book which is written by Moneeza Burney, Mina Malik, and Zoha Awais and launched by Samreen is a great success. We should appreciate this step of Samreen and her team to provide a non-threatening, positive, accessible way for kids both English and Urdu to learn about periods.

Shagufta Faheem
Shagufta Faheem