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Yayy, finally the weekend is here. You must be tired of your work since last 5 days and really want to remove this tiredness off. We don't want you to worry on Monday that I didn't find a time to relaxSo, be ready, here is your weekend and you need to utilize it in a best way. Most of the people see weekend a time on which they can catch up with their tasks which they were unable to do on week days. They would love to meet their friends, hang out with them. Reading their favorite book or watch their most liked serial or season. We will tell you how to utilize your weekend in an optimum way without exhaustion. You'll definitely enjoy your weekend and also go to your work with fresh mind and body. 

Unplug from social media and smartphones:
Now a days, a lot of people spend their time on social media using Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram but they don't know that it's actually draining their energy and make them more tired. this technology makes your more stressed and down. So, avoid to use social media and smartphone and spend most of your time in healthy activities.


Have a sound sleep:
On weekdays, people sleep late thinking about their work and next day's tasks and also get up early next morning. This cycle not disturbs their mental health but also their daily activities. So, on weekends sleep early at night, get up early ad have a nutritious breakfast. You'll feel fresh and fresh and will be able to have a blooming week a head. 


Book Reading:
From a hectic routine of a week people love to read their favorite book which gives them mental calmness. Every person has different taste in reading book like humorous, serious, religious or mystery. So. read the book which best suits your taste and lift up your mood. 


Play Games:
Playing games has no link with age. People of every age love to play different games. Some people love to play brain teaser games, some play action games, some play outdoor games like cricket, football and badminton. So, these games really refresh your mind and make you physically strong. 


Go for a drive:
Some people love to spend time alone. They love to go recreational places, go on a long tour, see nature and listen to bird chirping. Some love to hear good music on their way. Music can heal up their inner sore and also give them inner peace. So enjoy your ride with good music to have a happy weekend. 


Shagufta Faheem
Shagufta Faheem