5 Personal Hygiene Tips Every Woman Should Follow

by Syeda Raiha Bukhari October 27, 2017 0 Comments

5 Personal Hygiene Tips Every Woman Should Follow

Feminine hygiene is a topic that most women are not very comfortable discussing openly. It is sometimes surprising to find even educated women, holding top positions at their workplace, shy away from talking about it. Although discussing this is not taboo, the attitude that most women have this issue makes it seem like one. So how are they supposed to address personal hygiene issues if they're facing a problem? Due to the reluctance to discuss this and fear of embarrassment, a majority of women suffer health and hygiene issues silently and leave their problems unaddressed. Here are some basic tips to take care of your sensitive areas:

Care During Menstruation

In order to feel fresh, and stay healthy and odorless during this time, changing your sanitary pads and tampons frequently throughout the day is important. Avoid wearing a sanitary pad or tampon for more than eight hours.

Avoid Using Washcloth

If you use a washcloth or loofah to scrub your body, then do not use the same to clean your feminine area. These washcloths have a tendency to retain bacteria in them. Even if you are using a washcloth for your intimate area, make sure it is meant only for that purpose and it is cleaned regularly.

Wear Clean Underwear

Always wear your bra and panty after you wash them. Always use a mild detergent and water to wash your undergarments to be safe from the risk of infection and irritation in that area. Change your underwear twice daily as wearing the same underwear for too long can make it moist and soggy which can attract fungus.


When you need to clean down there, the best way to do it is to use water and gently remove any possible dirt and debris.  If you want to use a cleanser, make sure it’s a mild form of soap.  Try to avoid products with perfumes as it may irritate the area. Try not to overdo cleansing in the area because it may cause an imbalance of the normal growth of bacteria around your vagina and lead to possible infections.

Genital Care

Among important personal hygiene tips, keep this area shaved. Rinse your genitals with warm or not-too-hot water and use a mild soap to wash if necessary. Remember to rinse the external genitals and avoid cleaning inside the vagina. Clean the vaginal area twice every day. Avoid using scented vagina washers or commercial products with toxic chemicals that are linked to serious harm and cancer.

Syeda Raiha Bukhari
Syeda Raiha Bukhari